Car Jump Starter-HYD

19V/12V output, High stability and high power output
Applicable to most of the 19V notebook in the market and 12V low-wattage devices charging needs.

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Contains super power
Can start 3.5L petrol vehicles and 2.0L diesel vehicles, 44,400 mWh large capacity. Using a unique and innovative battery balance charging technology to maximizing the battery safety performance, thereby extending the battery life. Discharge cycle more than 1000 times.

Phantom jump start function
When the battery is completely dead, you can turn on the phantom jump start function to jump start the car.

Emergency Light
Build-in with emergency lighting, flashing and SOS mode. Even in the event of an emergency, it can be used as a distress signal to seek help.

Beeping warning

Product will give out beeping warning when clamps are connected reversely. Warning that connection is wrong and dangerous

Battery type Lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity 12V/4Ah
Life cycles 500-700
Charging time 3-8H
Peak current 500A@10ms
Crank current 250A
Work temperature -20℃~45℃
LED flashlight LED flashlight, flashing mode and SOS mode
USB output 5V/2.4A
Storage period I year with 70% remain


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