Car Jump Starter-HYM

IP65 waterproof, Super capacity with 420A peak Ampere output

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Waterproof and dust proof, IP65 rating
Industrial style design, waterproof and excellent craftsmanship gives it IP65 waterproof ability, in the rainy season, easy to deal with emergency in critical moment, give you protection and ease of mind!

LCD intelligent control panel
Multi-function LCD panel with user-friendly interface, display the charge status, battery power, operating mode and voltage, give the users all the information needed.

equipped with the fourth generation software, more secured and protected
The fourth generation software combined with the Power Safety Interlock technology makes the product ultimate safe.

38,850mWh,420A@10ms peak Ampere output, provide tremendous output power in lighting speed 
30 times jump starts in one full charge, discharge cycle more than 1000 times.

IML process, customizable appearance
Personalized with IML process, customize your own design and color, custom design one that belongs to your own.

Super bright LED flashlight
Super bright LED flashlight with flashing mode and SOS mode.

Battery type Lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity 12V/3.5Ah
Life cycles 500-700
Charging time 3-8H
Peak current 400A@10ms
Crank current 200A
Work temperature -20℃~45℃
LED flashlight LED flashlight, flashing mode and SOS mode
USB output 5V/2.4A
Storage period I year with 70% remain

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